Clear and straightforward working hour monitoring.

Deltabit’s electronic working hour monitoring system is exceptionally easy to use. Entries are easy to make and even the most complex collective agreement is expressed clearly.

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Stressed about working hour monitoring and work shift planning?

Working hours scribbled on a piece of paper? Fixing missing and incorrect working hours? Payday just round the corner? Or maybe endless changes to work rotas?

Keeping a log on working hours and the planning of work shifts are statutory duties of the employer. The interpretation of the Working Time Act, collective agreement and local agreements can be a bit of a jungle.

Fortunately there is a simple way of taking care of your company’s working hour monitoring. We have created the software and equipment for this. This ensures that the working hours monitoring system really works.

What makes working
hours monitoring effective?


Clear and
simple use

We want it to be easy for everyone – manager, payroll clerk or employee – to work with the working hour system. This is why we design our products to be as simple as possible.


Wide-ranging calculation features

No matter how complex your collective agreement, you can rely on us. Our system will get it and perform the correct calculations.


Quick and excellent
customer support

This is our customer service team! 👋 How can we help you? Contact us by phone, email or chat – we’ll answer without delay and sort it out.


And this is how well electronic working hour monitoring works

Worked hours in
the proper form of wages

We will make the system specifications for you. Worked hours will be automatically converted into the correct form of wages when an employee clocks in our out.


Corrections with just
a few clicks

The system will detect and indicate any time entry errors in real time. This means you can correct them with just a few clicks at any time. Or you can authorise your employees to make any corrections themselves.


Working hours
to payroll

Create a working time report with just a push of a button. You can enter the hours straight into the payroll system – without any manual steps in between.


Working hour monitoring system
with excellent features

Time recording terminal

Identify yourself with your fingerprint or a code or fob – whichever seems like the best option.

You can select which time entry buttons are visible to whom, and what each button does. It’s brilliant in its simplicity.

When making an entry, you will also see your working hours and flexitime balance, remaining holiday days or unpaid leave in exchange for working longer hours.


Mobile working hour monitoring with a phone

Do you have travelling workers or people working remotely? Mobile systems enable working times to be entered regardless of time or place.

Anyone can enter their hours correctly when only the buttons that are available that are needed when working remotely.

You can authorise your employees to view their own entries and make corrections if they forgot something or made an error.

Smart working hour monitoring

Working hour monitoring made easy – the application does all the calculation for you.

Working time entries are automatically converted into the correct form of wages according to the Working Time Act, collective agreements and local agreements.

The system understands daily overtime, work period overtime and weekly overtime, bonuses and manages absences.

Work shift planning

How many people do you need for each shift, and what skills are required? Use shift planning to determine these.

Add the correct persons, save and publish. Your employees will see their shifts on their phones immediately after publication.

Any sudden changes, such as adding absences or replacements, are easy to put in.

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Planning of absences

Holiday planning is team work. Let your employees suggest when they want to take their holiday days, unpaid leave in exchange for working longer hours, or other time off.

You can both view and accept everyone’s suggestions in the same view, making it easy to manage the whole process.

As you enter your suggestions and accept the current balance of working hours, meaning your holidays and such will be properly entered.

Read more about the planning of absences

Attendance monitoring

Would you like to check quickly if everyone necessary is present? Or is someone perhaps working remotely or on holiday?

By means of attendance monitoring, you can see your employees’ latest events and whether they are present or absent.

In case of emergencies, you will immediately receive a list of the persons that were present so that you can check how they are.

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Work stage monitoring

Find out what working hours are spent on. Your employees can easily enter hours on different projects and tasks.

This enables you to analyse work content and efficiency and to use the information for invoicing purposes as well.

You can find production bottlenecks and see how projects proceed and how accurate your plans have been.

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Access control

No more keys! People can gain access using a fob according to right they have been given.

You can control a burglar alarm to be turned off as you unlock a door, and to monitor the status of doors and locks, or unlock doors.

Access control and working hour monitoring operate smoothly together, making personnel management easy.

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Kulunvalvonta RFID-lukija

Previously cardboard punch cards were used for working hour monitoring. These days we get complete reports and report templates that can be used by payroll.

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Fluent working hour monitoring
is just three steps away

1. We will assess
your needs

All you have to do is answer the questions we have. This way, you will get just the kind of system you need.


2. We will make
an offer

You will know exactly what you are paying for. After system launch, any assistance you need will be included in the monthly fee.


3. We take care
of the delivery

Once we know what you need, we will take care of the implementation. We can perform the system installation remotely.


Interested in easy working hour monitoring?

Want to know more how the working hour monitoring system works? Get in touch with us! We will be more than happy to answer any question you have on working hour monitoring.