Deltabit has the right tools for your company’s fluent working hour monitoring, from working hour entries to holiday planning. We also make it easier for you to make plan work shifts and manage access control.

Time recording terminal

Identify yourself with your fingerprint, code or fob. Decide which buttons are visible and what their functions are.

Mobile working time entry

Enter working hours with your phone anywhere. You can also check your entries, balance and working hours.

Working hour reports

The report shows a selected person’s events during a certain period, including working hours, balance and any extra pay, overtime and absences.

Work shift planning

Add the right employees in the shifts with the proper competences. Your employees can see their shifts conveniently on their phones.
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Planning of absences

Your employees can suggest holidays and other absences. You can view and approve them in the same view.
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Attendance monitoring

You can see with a single view whether your employees are present and what they have done most recently.
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Work stage monitoring

Your employees can enter their working hours for a task or project. You can analyse work content.
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Kulunvalvonta RFID-lukija

Access control

Your employees can move about with ease using a fob. You can monitor the status of doors and locks remotely, and unlock doors.
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